Got Any Questions?
1 Who is PB Pharma?
PB Pharma is a wholesaler working to supply their customers with rapidity and efficiency, offering a rapid response to healthcare professionals.
2 What is your advantage to our usual supplier?
PB Pharma is connected to a group of suppliers ready to serve you. We provide you with personalized service, depending on the province you are ordering from, we work on finding a missing product available anywhere in Canada and source the product at the same or better price than what your local supplier is charging you.
3 How to set an account?
Because we are a Health Canada licensed facility we require that you send us an email with your Drug establishment license, Pharmacy license or Veterinary license.
4 Can I have access to your products and your prices?
Only our customers that have an account can access the data of the available products. Please note we work on sourcing a product once we have a specific request and pricing is only available according to accessibility.
5 Are generic medicines equivalent to the brand?
All generic medicines have been approved by Health Canada and present bio-equivalency studies proving that they are identical when it comes to dose, route of administration, approved indications of use and pharmacokinetics.
6 What are the shipping conditions?
We could use your own shipping courier, you will have to provide us with your account number or ask your shipper to come do the pick-up at our facility. If you want us to provide you with a quote regarding shipping please ask one of our representative and it will be a pleasure to assist you in this matter. Please note that if you use any of our couriers, the status of your order could be followed online depending the courier you have chosen with your representative.

Please note if you are purchasing a temperature sensitive product, we need to use approved boxes and temperature monitors for your order, extra costs might be added, please ask our representative for more info regarding the costs of the boxes and monitors.
7 How to proceed for returns?
If your products are subject to a recall then PB Pharma will work with you to return the products.

If your products are damaged or not usable, please note it is the customer’s responsibility to have purchased an insurance from the chosen courier.

Note: All of our sales are final and no returns are reimbursed.
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Got questions?
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For general enquiries including product availability and supply issues, please contact us via email info@pbpharma.com or by filling the form and our team will reply within 24 hours.

    Got questions?
    Get in touch with our team!